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First Of its Kind in India..

Fully Customizable builds based on your demands..

Overclocked by our top class engineers.

OC, Custom Cabinets, Custom Cooling and many many more

From Our Labs..

India's First Liquid Cooling Ever

Never before seen in india.. Bringing the Concept of custom liquid cooling to withstand your gaming needs.. Its cheaper than you think.. :P

Stack of WHAT?!

Yea.. Thats right.. Stack of 980's exclusive for testing and Benchmarking.. To bring you the most durable gaming needs..

A-Z Customization

Custom Job ?! Not a problem.. Right from cabinet to cooling we do all types of customisation :D


What do we do in testing? Crank your processors and GPU to its threshold level to make sure you feel satisfied while you play ..

Hardware at Cheap Price

Afraid of the price?? No worries we provide best rigs at best price and thats our Guarantee..

Exclusive Forum For Gamers and Newbie

Exclusive forum where we can discuss about new products, its reviews and also help other people troubleshoot their system

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Custom Builds

We assemble pc's based on the needs of the end user. A User can choose from various list compatible products for their build with out interactive website.

Testing And Overclocking

Based on the user's needs, We do testing of the various components and Overclock the required components. So you can use the OC'ed PC right out of the box.


We have a team of highly efficient engineers who an diagnose the problem and provide with backups.


we have round the clock online support.

Meet the team

Nicholas Raj


Shyam Kumar

Web Development

Sivaa Rajkumar

Finance & Marketing

Vishnu Prakash

Technical Team



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